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Aeshaane has carried forward it's dream of conscious living to the magnificent city of Paris, the fashion capital of the World at ‘Who's Next’ for eight simultaneous years. More than 25 years after its creation, Who's Next is the international trade show leader for women's fashion in Europe. The event brings around 45,000 visitors to Paris every year to visit 1,300 French and international ready-to-wear brands.

“She uses Silk innovatively in her Designs, watch out for her!” 

- Vogue digital

Tempelhof, one of Europe's three iconic pre-World War II airports, was once among the top 20 largest buildings on earth. Europe’s largest protected historic landmark also offered the ideal projection surface for World’s best sustainability show, ‘Neonyt’ in Berlin. The show itself took place in an actual ‘Hangar’, used earlier to house aircrafts, and had an unbelievable industrial and rugged feel to it. With modern shows lined with scores of booths, this one begs to differ; it offers a unique old world charm, drawing a like-minded audience with only one objective in mind - to reduce the social and environmental impact of fashion. 

We were proud to be selected to showcase our designs on this global platform in 2019. The eclectic environment offered huge fashion innovations in the form of fishnet swimwear, shoes from lemon jelly, and upcycled cashmere. The chic bags made from ocean plastic waste and the upcycled jeans designed from shredded bits of used denim created waves for the right reasons. Our signature geometrical checkered square scarf and kaftan robe in handmade vegan silk took centre stage among famous bloggers and influencers from around the World. 

Aeshaane has also showcased on various other global platforms such as ‘The Maison Object’, Paris, ‘Top Drawer’, London, ‘The Hongkong Fashion week’, Hongkong and recently a leading sustainability show in the U.S, The ‘O2’. Click here to read more.

"Fabric with a soul! Handmade all the way from the farm to the loom to the printing table, Neesha’s designs are truly unique, because such extensive hand making of fabric makes duplications impossible."

The Hindu

Aeshaane was handpicked to represent India at ‘The Jakarta Fashion week’, by the Apex body of Fashion, The Fashion Design Council of India, FDCI along with the Indian embassy in Indonesia. JFW is dubbed as the largest fashion event in Southeast Asia. Aeshaane’s diamond scarf stole the show at Jakarta as well! 

“Neesha is very enterprising and innovative. She has an excellent sense of colour coordination, and it is indeed heartening to see her independent efforts to revive traditional handloom fabrics and processing techniques. One will soon see her in the top list of designers not only in India but in the International front as well!”

- Beela Rajesh (I.A.S)
(Former Executive Director- Handloom Export Promotion Council Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India)

Recently, aeshaane was handpicked by the prestigious ‘Selvedge World Art Fair’, London to represent our designs on a global platform, along with the best craft makers from across the World! Only 150 artisans were selected among thousands, across 75 countries to showcase their work and to celebrate cloth, culture and creativity. The Selvedge World Fair supports the makers of hand-made textiles from around the world, to preserve cultural heritage and to build an environmentally and economically sustainable future. It enables those who create handmade textiles to tell their own stories and share their cultural heritage. The Selvedge Fair is a meeting point for conversation, appreciation and of course the joys of forming our very own collection of beautifully made wares. Through their events and textile tours, we are often reminded that, “You can go anywhere in the world and as long as you’re with people who love textiles – you are in some way at home.” Our Amalgamation scarf’ and ‘Diamond Kimonostole the show, and emerged as one of our Best-sellers!

Closer home, we participated in the Amazon India Fashion Week in 2018, showcasing our collection inspired by the LGBTQ community. Click here to read the whole article.

“Chennai based fashion designer Neesha Amrish is taking huge strides with her sustainable fashion movement. Being the first ever Indian designer to adopt disruptive innovation for LGBTQ fashion, Neesha’s latest collection is inspired by the 7 stages of journey – drawing parallels from Shakespeare’s 7 Stages of humans and Butterfly coming off age.”

- Kladieoscope

“It’s peak summer in the village, the sun is unrelenting and there is often no electricity. However, this does not deter a group of weavers from going about their daily routine. One among them is Neesha Amrish, who spent three months in this rural area working with the weavers of Ahimsa silk.”

- The Hindu

Click here to read our article on ‘The Spirit of Freedom’

In 2018, aeshaane received ‘The Woman Achiever’s Award’ as an ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ in the field of fashion from FICCI FLO, Chennai. Click here to read more.

Forging a new creative aesthetic, she is redefining convention, while keeping her Indian sensibility. Meet the stars in waiting of the next generation, Neesha Amrish!  

- Femina

At ‘Top Drawer’ in Spring 2019, it was a proud moment for us and our rural artisans to take home the most coveted “Spotted” Award for the ‘Best Emerging talent’ Runners -Up trophy, in the fashion capital of the World, London. We were showcasing our collection of 100% sustainable handcrafted natural silk scarves and accessories. 

Click here to read more.

“Gorgeous colour combinations plus an ethical product embracing sustainability and quality design.”

- Alejandra Campos (Event Director & Curator Charolette Abrahams, Top Drawer)

Aeshaane was honoured to take home the Winner’s Trophy ‘The She UnLtd Best Entrepreneur Award’ in the field of Fashion, honouring our commitment to sustainability and handicraft in the year 2019, by ‘The Times of India’. Our work was selected among 5000 odd entries.

It’s been the biggest challenge till date since I had to sink all my life savings into something that only I believed in! It’s been a fulfilling journey of self-discovery, strength and determination that I didn’t know I possessed and the humble rural families who’ve joined hands with me to live life with a real purpose. 

Click here to read the whole story.

“Amrish’s fabrics have a whisper-soft homespun vibe, the palette is cheery and the blocks and patterns are striking. But, it is the combination of an earth-first approach to design and a quintessentially Indian aesthetic that has helped her reach a global audience.”

- The Hindu

Neesha Amrish has built her label block by block. When she began her non-descript one table workshop, she never imagined she would survive the winds of change and how! But her vibrant colour stories, strong motifs attracted a steady stream of clientele. Click here to read the full article.

“All I could see in the market was machine-made fabric. And here I was working in a nondescript studio trying to go organic with block prints and homespun textiles.”

- The Hindu

The 'Alu Elm' Furoshiki Gift Wrap - Aeshaane by Neesha Amrish

Little did we expect that aeshaane would go global from Paris to Tokyo and bond with a wider audience who appreciate finesse and quality! Conscious Fashion is the future of fashion. Clothing made holistically by aeshaane using transparent processes from crop to shop, Is the true essence of sustainable fashion.

This also means, that we leave behind a better footprint for the generations to come! Join us in supporting the Green Revolution! Click here to read the full story.

“Going organic is a process, not a status!”

- Neesha Amrish