The Winter Sky Necklace - Aeshaane
The Winter Sky Necklace - Aeshaane
The Winter Sky Necklace - Aeshaane
The Winter Sky Necklace - Aeshaane
The Winter Sky Necklace - Aeshaane

The 'Winter Sky' Necklace

Aeshaane by Shilp is B2B focused with wholesale available. Smaller orders are welcome. Please reach out for a quote or with any questions. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Collected after the moth has exited its home, these upcycled Natural Mulberry Silk Cocoon necklaces are a fully handmade artisan product. Dyed and hand painted inside and out in small batches, these zero waste beauties are truly unique and one of a kind.


Extremely light-weight and eco-friendly, these bold statement pieces are a perfect start to build your conscious wardrobes!



WEIGHT: 40 grams

COLOR: Hand Dyed in Burnt Orange, Black, Ash and Natural White

Variation in color and texture are hallmarks of dyeing in small batches. Here’s to celebrating blemishes, imperfections, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

DYES: Azo-free non toxic dyes

SHIPPING:  Smaller orders (which are in stock) are dispatched within 2 weeks, larger orders or out of stock can take 21 - 30 business days.

At aeshaane, we invite everyone to slow down and cherish garments that are made slowly and deliberately by artisans. After all, 'Things of beauty have no fear of time'!


Made to order fashion: Each piece is specially handcrafted for you, thereby reducing waste, since items are not produced in advance.  No returns except in the case of manufacturing default.

Our rural women artisans who also double as domestic help, gather around post noon to carefully string these pieces together with nimble hands. For those without any kind of formal education, employment opportunities are extremely limited in India. But at aeshaane, besides earning a fair income from their work, they also have a sense of belonging, a place they can call their own, that gives them a life filled with love, pride and dignity, where they can benefit from being together as a community. From carefully cleaning the cocoons to hand painting and stringing them, each piece takes several days to make. 

At aeshaane, our artisans have

  • A safe and flexible working environment
  • Encouragement to use their own creativity
  • Ability to work remotely or from home
  • Integration into an uplifting community
  • Dignified work where their voices are heard
  • Options to participate in workshops and other training programs

WORKSHOP: These necklaces are handmade at aeshaane's in-house workshop in Chennai, India where our artisans share our values and produce in a fair way. We celebrate all that is slow, ethical and does not harm the people, animals or the planet. 

MATERIAL: Natural Mulberry Silk Cocoons and Waxed Cotton Cord

HANDFEEL: The necklace is extremely light-weight and the Natural silk Mulberry cocoons are very robust. One can't help but wonder, how these tiny silk moths manage to spin around 300,000 times in just 3 - 8 days, weaving such beautiful, strong and durable habitats.

IS IT NON-VIOLENT?  At aeshaane we believe in slow silk farming, where we wait for the moths to naturally exit the cocoons and complete their life cycle of mating and hatching eggs in an organic manner. The broken empty cocoons are then cleaned and upcycled to create the neckpieces.

PROPERTIES: Mulberry silk is always considered the most expensive type of natural silk. It's made from the silkworms, Bombyx mori moth that feed on Mulberry leaves. The fibers from these natural cocoons are readily biodegradable after serving its full lifecycle. Besides being 100% hypo-allergic and antibacterial, the silk is also completely odorless. 

ORIGIN: Mulberry silk is produced mainly in Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

We help you take good care of your purchase. With a little love and care, your silk necklace will last for years. We celebrate re-use, swapping, and encourage you to repair whenever possible.

  • Keep away from fragrance and water
  • Do not iron
  • Though the cocoons are robust, we recommend not to place heavy weight on top
  • Slight pilling is common and is perfectly normal. It's the hallmark of natural fibers. It appears with frequent use and can easily be removed, by gently taking it off with your fingers.

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